Course Information & Functionality PerfPRO Provides:

  • Allows you to fully import all of your course files into PerfPRO's database. You can then do detailed searches to help determine a course to train on.
  • Calculates actual feet climbed and descended for each ride as well as the entire course.
  • Course Profile Information (Average/max/min grade %, number of feet to climb) with graphing.
  • Course analyzer. Find the steepest and fastest sections of any distance on a course. Get to know your course before you ride it!
  • Elevation Adjustment. If your course/performance contains longitude/latitude data PerfPRO can use the SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) elevation data provided by USGS to correct coordinates.
  • Course Editor
    Add/Edit/Copy/Paste legs of the course along with several handy utilities. Read more about the Course Editor.
  • Can import the following course file types:
    • CompuTrainer™ 3DC (.3dc) course files.
    • CompuTrainer™ PC1 (.crs) course files.
    • RacerMate One RMC (.rmc) course files.
    • All Garmin file types (.fit, .tcx, .crs, .hst, gpx, and xml files).
    • GPS/GPX files (.gpx and .xml). If elevation data does not exist then PerfPRO figures this out for you via the "Adjust Elevation" option.
    • Google Earth KML files (.kml)
    • All file types can be ridden in indoors using PerfPRO Studio.
    • Extract courses from past performances and save as .3DC course files. This is great if you have a performance from someone else, but your don't have the course file to ride against your own pacer.
  • Export GPS/Garmin files to GoogleEarth KML files for a 3-dimensional look of your course.
  • View maps of your courses when coordinate data is available.
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