ANT+ Enabled Devices
With ANT+ devices, such as a heart rate strap or cadence sensor, you can ride using wireless devices rather than the standard wired sensors that usually has to be mounted on your bike. This allows you to keep it simple and use the same wireless equipment you're used to using outside. You'll also find using an ANT+ enabled heart rate strap to be much more consistent than the older equipment throughout the entire ride.

PerfPRO Studio can support the following ANT+ sensors (not including trainer types): For multiple riders, PerfPRO Studio does a great job of managing each rider's unique devices and can support virtually an unlimited amount of devices using only one ANT+ stick. Because each ANT+ device carries its own unique identification number, these numbers can be associated with each rider. Once a device is assigned to a rider it stays with them no matter what trainer (e.g, trainer #1 through #20) they are on. If PerfPRO Studio did not pick up their device right away the rider can use their handlebar controller at any time during a workout to find their device and get it enabled.

Power Meter Control
You may pair up your power meter with a controllable trainer and have the power meter adjust the resistance to follow its power output. This is useful when you know for certain your power meter is more accurate than your trainer. PerfPRO uses a unique algorithm to make this happen and no firmware updates by the trainer's manufacturer is necessary. Just set it and forget it.

Additionally, with a 2nd ANT+ stick you may also have your CompuTrainer or simulated power stationary trainer transmit as a power meter back to your ANT+ enabled bike computer (e.g, Garmin 500, iPhone, etc.) so it can pick up your workout.

Within PerfPRO Studio's options, ANT+ device history can be managed and devices can be tested. There is also a feature to find devices for multiple NEW users at once. Go into the Tutorials Section and watch how to setup ANT+ devices for multiple riders at once.

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